Pep Songs

Raft River High Pep Song

Tune: “Chinatown My Chinatown”

Come all students get in step.
Rally to your call.
We’ve got the style, We’ve got the pep
And now we’re out to make a rep!
Our football boys for them we cheer.
Our faith will never die!
As we bring in victory
For old Raft River High!

In basketball our team will show,
How we win our fame!
No other school will be our foe.
We’ll never know of shame!
So one and all, let’s do our best
to raise our standards high!
As we bring in victory,
For old…Raft…River…High!

Modern Fight Song

coming soon…

I’m forgetting the words at the moment. But I remember that it was to the tune of the old Illinois Loyalty song.