City Histories

Here are some books and things written about Malta or contain some of its history:

Brief History by Fred Kossman - 1950

Sketches of History of Raft River Valley

Trail Builders Tour - 1954

Malta Book of Remembrance - 1974

Book of RemembrancehigherResBOR

This Book of Remembrance was compiled as a fundraiser to build the fourth LDS church building in Malta.

New Elementary Building - 1990


Malta Ward Centennial - 2010


For more info on Families to Match the Mountains please contact Janis Warr.

The First Malta Eagle Scouts

Malta Eagle Scouts: (As I recall- Trent Stephens)
The first two Eagle Scouts were the Thompson boys - sons of Bishop Thompson, who was also the Postmaster.
The third Eagle Scout was Jay Cottle, who was later Scoutmaster and then Seminary Teacher
The Fourth Eagle Scout was Brent Udy, who was later Scoutmaster
The Fifth Eagle Scout was Trent Stephens, 1963


Other Community Clippings

I'll be uploading a lot more here as people submit it or as I find clippings here and there.  If you'd like to submit something please click here.