There are so many fun memories throughout the years. From crazy hairstyles to the homecoming floats, check out these yearbooks for some cherished memories. View the available yearbooks here

Class by Class

Each graduating class has a history. Click here to read about each one.

Histories & Memories

Over the years there have been efforts made to compile histories of each decade of graduates.  I’ll be uploading the ones that I have.  If there are any floating around out there I’d appreciate those too.

News Articles

Our school has a tradition of great athletes and scholars.  I’d love to post links to all those available published news articles in this section.  If anyone wants to write any articles that you thought should have been in the paper, we’ll put those on here too!  Here’s some sports clippings and school activity clippings.

Awards and Accolades

I want to get over to the school sometime and take a picture of each of the trophies and plaques and upload those here.  Again, we’ve had tremendous talent walk these halls and rarely do we get to see these awards in person.

Pass the Baton

My goal with this section will be to have a running history of the different stewards of the schools.  Please help us fill in the blanks here.  I eventually want to create a list of names and years for the following: principals, teachers, faculty, student body presidencies, class presidencies etc.

Pep Songs

Our pep/fight song had changed over the years.  Click here to listen and recall the words.