Valley Vu Cemetery Residents

For my Eagle Scout project back in 2005 I complied a history of the residents of this cemetery. My mom, Darlene, had been collecting clippings and histories for years. I decided to help her put them in a book.

I’ve had many requests for this book and for updates. So I’ve decided to put them on here in an easy to peruse format to save on time and money. If you have any additional information on any of these people, I’d love to add it. My book ended in 2005, so the more recent move-ins are coming soon. I’m still working on getting these up to snuff, but the basics are here. Please check back often for more additions.

A couple housekeeping notes… I know that a lot of the pictures are not the greatest quality.  I only needed little tiny ones for the printed book.  I’ll be taking more headstone photos this next summer.  If you’d like to submit any pictures, stories, biographies, correction or anything, please contact us with whatever you have!

Alphabetical by Last Name






by Last Name

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– A –

Abercrombie, Baby

Abercrombie, Mack

Abercrombie, Margaret T

Allphin, Ada Marie

Allphin, Donald Roy

Allphin, Donald William

Allphin, JE

Allphin, Marie Coursi

Allphin, Melva Mae

Allphin, Roberta

Allphin, Samuel A

Allphin, Samuel Tayler

Allphin, William O

Angus, Nathan Paul

Asher, Marianna Moultrie

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– B –

Bailey, Berniece Shaw

Bailey, Wendell Junior

Bankhead, Gerald Brenchley

Bankhead, Rachel Ann

Barlow, Elizabeth Christena Hansen

Barlow, Inez Pearl Smith

Barlow, Joseph Smith

Barlow, Joseph Smith

Barlow, Shirley H

Barrett, Clarence Ernest

Barrett, Ernest Lee

Barrett, Joseph William

Barrett, Lorin Edward

Barrett, Lucille Kempton

Barrett, Mary Luana Meacham

Barrett, Nina Rosina Litson

Barrett, Patrick Joseph

Barrett, Perry Lorin

Barrett, Shirley Richard

Barrett, Velda Hutchison

Barrett, William Marshall

Baxter, William Gene

Beecher, Mandy Lee Slagel

Berrier, Kendra Paige

Beyler, Gladys Ellen Nelson

Beyler, Grant Nelson

Beyler, Leo William

Beyler, Michael Denton

Bodily, Baby

Bodily, Joshua James

Booth, Collin M

Booth, LaVaughn Jones

Booth, Marlin Henderson

Booth, Royce

Branch, Stelan Ryan

Briggs, MarJean Johnson

Briggs, Wallace Orval

Brinkman, Donald D

Brinkman, Nola W

Buckway, John

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– C –

Caldwell, Abraham V

Camacho, Angela Booth

Carnahan, Leola Pearl Putnam

Carnahan, Marion Charles

Chapman, Thel Raymond

Cole, Dorothy Estell Barrett

Collins, Bertha (Bert) Lee Gullett

Condit, Albert

Condit, Arthur A

Condit, Cecil

Condit, Hyrum

Condit, Leonard Merry

Condit, Mary Camelia

Cooper, Lucy Hepworth

Cooper, Samuel T

Corsi, Clarence “Swede”

Corsi, Mennie Miller

Cottle, Albert Joseph

Cottle, Ethel Lorene Hall

Coursi/Corsi, Renaldo/Nalder

Crawford, Janica Tai

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– D –

Dare, Douglas Byron

Dixon, Thearen Lang

Dorman, Emma A.

Durfee, Mark Junior

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– E –

Elison, Bryan Lynn

Elison, Elmo (Doc)

Elison, John Alfred

Elison, Lano Adams

Elison, Lois Pauline Zollinger

Elison, Louise Martin

Elison, Mary Emily Adams

Elison, Myrle Henrietta Janson

Elison, Robert Leroy

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– F –

Fonnesbeck, David O

Fonnesbeck, Orlando Madere

Fowler, Penny Marie

Fowles, David Earl

Fowles, Gary Earl

Fridal, Sidney Buehler

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– G –

Gagon, Beth Harper

Gagon, Edwin Bruce

Gagon, Randall Mark

Galliher, Foy R

Galliher, Vernice Rose

Galliher, Violet

Gardiner, Barbara Ehlers

Gardiner, Fredrick

Gardiner, Hope Hulet

Gardiner, Mary

Gardiner, Robert Hulet

Gardiner, Sarah

Garrett, Marvin Bryan

Garrett, Okla Elison

Goff, Brent Gneiting

Goff, Cathy Gardiner

Goodman, Bert E

Gunnell, Francis Poppleton

Gunnell, Francis Steven

Gunnell, Ona Nye

Gunnell, Steffany

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– H –

Hall, Alice Abigail Ottley

Hall, Alonzo

Hall, Charlotte Morris

Hall, Estella Pauline Neddo

Hall, Helen

Hall, Ira Kimball Sr

Hall, J Deward

Hall, Leonard E

Hall, Leonard Parley

Hall, Marcia Ann Livingston

Hall, Pearl Adeline Zollinger

Ham, Francis Ernest

Hanchir, Germaine Beaufays

Harper, Blaine Thomas

Harper, Douglas R

Harper, Marian Frost

Harper, Rawlins J

Harper, Sarah Wolsey

Harper, Thera Elison

Harris, Kolten Kurt

Hartshorn, Edna Mae Barrett

Henrie, Tyler G

Hepworth, Alice Ashcroft

Hepworth, John W

Hepworth, Leona

Hepworth, Mahala Parker

Hill, Celia Faye Dance

Hill, Gladys R Gierisch

Hill, JoAnn Smith

Hill, Merlin Georald

Hill, Walter Rulon

Hill, Wiliam Kay

Hitt, Emma G

Hitt, Fern Lloyd

Hitt, Grant B

Hitt, Grover G

Hitt, James B

Hitt, James Robert

Hitt, James Russell

Hitt, Jane Lavinna Ann Parke

Hitt, Joel W

Hitt, John Charles

Hitt, Kenneth Russel

Hitt, Martha Jameson

Hitt, Martha Jane (Jennie) Hutchison

Hitt, Russell Vaun

Hitt, Shirley (Shirl) Brown

Hitt, William “Bill” Wendal

Hodges, Teddy Merland Jr

Hodges, Teddy Merland Sr

Hodges, Viola Valene Beebe

Hoffman-Smith, Jasmine Mae

Holtman, Edward John Jr

Holtman, Edward Kent

Holtman, Renee Eames Smyer

Holtman, Reta Oman

Holtman, Sarah Rochelle Thompson

Hoopes, Margaret Ann Howard

Hunt, Albert C

Hutchison, Anna Margaret

Hutchison, Baby

Hutchison, Bert Nish

Hutchison, Clifford Odell (Tinker)

Hutchison, David

Hutchison, David O

Hutchison, David Wheeler

Hutchison, Duane (Hutch)

Hutchison, Edward Udell (Tony)

Hutchison, Estell Ransom

Hutchison, Garrett

Hutchison, Harold Eckle

Hutchison, J D

Hutchison, James Walton

Hutchison, JaNeal Jardine

Hutchison, Jeremy David

Hutchison, Jerri

Hutchison, Lester L (Bill)

Hutchison, Lula Gay

Hutchison, MacKenzy Jared

Hutchison, Martha Jane Lloyd

Hutchison, Michael Edward

Hutchison, Myrtle Winchester

Hutchison, Nelda June Ward

Hutchison, Pearl O Smith Powers

Hutchison, Richard Dean

Hutchison, Robert James

Hutchison, Robert Nish

Hutchison, Robert Nish (Bert)

Hutchison, Rowena Jane

Hutchison, Shea Lynn

Hutchison, Sylvester (Ves)

Hutchison, Thomas Robert

Hutchison, Wanda L

Hutchison, Winston Jared (Boots)


Israelsen, Jeb Spencer

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– J –

Jacobs, Dorothy Evelyn Pellin

Jacobs, Sarah Margaret Hitt

Jacobs, Swen Howard

Jacobs, Sidney Monta Lt Col

Jardine, Ivy Hadfield Paskett

Jardine, Lawrence Badger

Jardine, William Glen

Jensen, David Leonard

Jensen, Fern Durfee

Jensen, Fern Lydia

Jensen, Lawrence D

Jones, Harold Aaron

Jones, Robert Merle

Justice, Dolly Ellen

Justice, Woodrow Wilson

– K –

Kelsey, Robert Monroe

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– L –

Lambert, Harry Eldon

Lankford, Sarah

Leifeste, Steven Taylor

Livingston, Ellen Caroline

Livingston, Thomas Oliver

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– M –

Magana, Eva (Evi) Montoya

Martin, Annabelle Elison

Martin, Elmer Constantin

McClendon, Sarah

McFarland, Kenneth Albert

McGhie, Glenn Neff

McNeely, NayDean Bronson

McNeely, Preston L

Meuleman, Lila Condit

Miller, Edna Martina

Miller, Eugene Carlton

Moncur, Hazel Beth

Moncur, Marjorie Clair Fonnesbeck

Montgomery, Sallie E

Morrell, Selma Shaw

Morris, Leonard Wilkinson

Morris, Ronald Lee

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– N –

Neddo, Alice Osterhout

Neddo, Charles Alvin (Lindy)

Neddo, Dallen Jay

Neddo, Eunice Parke

Neddo, George W Jr

Neddo, George Willard

Neddo, Gladys Leona Smith

Neddo, Gregory Wallace

Neddo, Isaac James (Darby)

Neddo, Isaac James Jr

Neddo, Jackie Denise

Neddo, Josephine Randazzo

Neddo, Julia Anges

Neddo, Keith

Neddo, Melba Grace

Neddo, Melvin Jay

Neddo, Milton LeRoy

Neddo, Nellie Cardon

Neddo, Rodger Cardon Sr

Neddo, Thomas Lloyd

Nye, Afton Don

Nye, Annie Fernand Francois Lucienne Alphonsine Hanchir

Nye, Fredrick J

Nye, Fredrick Merlin

Nye, Hannah Rosanna Loveland

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– O –

O’Brien, Michael William

Olson, Dorsle Jolley (Gus)

Olson, Margaret (Maggie) Witts

Ostberg, Grank (IcKey)

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– P –

Parke, Cecilia Hutchison

Parke, Delores (Dee) M

Parke, Ether

Parke, Ether Jay

Parke, Glen Robert

Parke, Marjorie

Parke, Norma Garbanati

Parke, Wilmer C (Dude)

Paskett, Alice Naomi Neddo

Paskett, Darrell H

Paskett, Edwin Hadfield

Paskett, Frank

Paskett, Jessie Hadfield

Paskett, Richard N

Peavler, Martha Lee

Peterson, Cecil Miles

Peterson, Cory Neil

Pierce, Charles

Pierce, Dale Oscar

Pierce, Dennis Dale

Pierce, Jean Ludwig

Pierce, Jesse M

Pierce, Jessie Margurite

Pierce, Lois Irene Parke

Pierce, William M

Powers, Ellis John

Powers, Maxine Jones

Powers, Rozann Janak

Pulsipher, Nelma

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– R –

Ransom, Ada Allphin

Ransom, Anthon H

Ransom, Duane

Rasmussen, Lloyd (Schooney)

Rasmussen, Robert

Rayburn, K Denise Mayes

Rebham, Hilda June

Richards, Bessie

Richens, Rex W

Roberts, Frances Della Hitt

Robertson, Anna Esula Gile

Robertson, William H

Robinson, Clair Taylor

Rogers, Maurine Coursi

Ruesch, Mary Alice Dalton

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– S –

Sanders, John Louis

Schlender, Edwin Charles

Schorzman, Lloyd Eugene

Schwartz, Maycie Laine

Scott, James L

Scott, Sadie R

Scott, Theda May

Scott, Victor S

Sexton, Allen

Shaw, Eliza Cordelia Nye

Shaw, Farren S

Shaw, Samuel Holbrook

Shaw, Terrence Lynn

Shill, Leo Samuel

Smith, Albert P (Jake)

Smith, Baby

Smith, Barbara Ella Loughmiller

Smith, Beulha Kidd

Smith, Beverly LuDean Udy

Smith, Clifford B

Smith, Emma Bainbridge O’Bray

Smith, Emma Loraine

Smith, Flossie Ellen Parish

Smith, John (Jack) Parish

Smith, John O’Bray

Smith, Joseph Carl

Smith, Joseph Dale

Smith, Joseph Obray

Smith, Laura Gunnell

Smith, Lillie Gay

Smith, Luella Bradley

Smith, Margie Udy

Smith, Mary Olive Ward

Smith, Maxine

Smith, Osmer W (Bob)

Smith, Ralph Obray

Smith, Samuel N Jr

Smith, Samuel Napoleon Sr

Smith, Thomas Bradley

Smith, Thomas Rawlings

Smith, Vance Thomas

Smith, Veric Rose Osterhout

Spalding, Lucy A

Stephens, Herbert Raymond

Stephens, Rhoda E Behunin (Phyllis)

Stevenson, Laura Grace

Stevenson, Patrick B

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– T –

Taylor, David Tell

Taylor, Grace

Taylor, Marian Wannetta Nye

Teeter, Mary Elizabeth (Beth) Hurd

Teeter, Teresa

Teeter, Thomas Gay

Teeter, Thomas Roy Emer

Thompson, Jane Bosomworth

Thompson, John Ernest

Thompson, Larry LuWain

Thornton, Coby

Thornton, Cory

Thornton, Jana Bell

Thornton, Jay R

Tracy, Bryce Kay

Tracy, Fontella Harper

Tracy, Jesse LaVere

Tracy, Kendall (Kenny) L

Tracy, Lorenzo David

Tracy, Lorin/Lorenzo Mitchell

Tracy, Maxine Ardellia Bass

Tracy, Nina Lorraine Barrett

Tracy, Tabatha Marie

Tracy, Vander Martell

Tuckett, Mary Ann

Tyler, Alva S

Tyler, James L

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– U –

Udy, Barbara Alice Perrett

Udy, Earl M

Udy, Mary Lessey

Udy, Mathias Cowley Jr

Udy, Maxine

Udy, Orville

Udy, Rex

Udy, Robert Dean

Udy, Velda Irene

Udy, Vicki Diane

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– W –

Ward, Catherine

Ward, Charles Robert

Ward, Eugene (Gene)

Ward, Helen Kay

Ward, Margaret Alice Parke

Ward, Rex Woodrow

Warneke, Henry A

Warr, Alan Kay

Warr, Brian

Warr, Charles H

Warr, Chloe Bell

Warr, Melvin Albert (Skeet)

Warr, Olene K

Welch, Arthur Francis

Welch, Colleen Barbara

Welch, Lucile

Wheatley, Faith

Whitaker, Arthur Don

Whitaker, Jennifer Lynn

Whitaker, LaRene Kay Wight

Whitaker, Lois Peterson

Whitaker, Wayne Ottley

White, Bobby Lee

White, Todd Allen

Wight, Harold D

Wight, Harvey J

Wight, Jacob Blaine

Wight, Sarah Mae Darrington

Wight, Viola June Engelking

Williams, Nellie

Woodland, Kent

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– Z –

Zobell, Bernice P Gunnell

Zobell, Rex Scholes

Zollinger, Orson James


by date of interment

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Sarah Lankford

Grover Hitt

Albert Condit

Emma G Hitt

Abraham V Caldwell

Cecil Condit

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Joel W Hitt

Margaret T. Abercrombie

Baby Abercrombie

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Mahala Parker Hepworth

Leonard Merry Condit

Samuel Tayler Allphin

Samuel T Cooper

Hyrum Condit

Emma A Dorman

Grace Taylor

James L Tyler

Melba Grace Neddo

James Robert Hitt

Marjorie Parke

Alva S Tyler

Maxine Smith

Lillie Gay Smith

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Nalder Corsi

Nelma Pulsipher

Bessie Richards

Theda May Scott

Rex W Richens

James B Hitt

James L Scott

Joseph Smith Barlow

Joseph Obray Smith

Thomas Rawlings Smith

Robert Nish Hutchison

William H Robertson

Fredrick J Nye

Maxine Udy

Fern Lydia Jensen

Baby Hutchison

Alice Ashcroft Hepworth

Lawrence D Jensen

George W Neddo Jr

Leo Samuel Shill

Sallie E Montgomery

Ralph Obray Smith

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Wendell Junior Bailey

Emma Loraine Smith

Frank Paskett

Jessie Margurite Pierce

Henry A Warneke

Helen Hall

Darrell H Paskett

Hazel Beth Moncur

Mary Camelia Condit

Colleen Barbara Welch

Farren S Shaw

Lucy A Spalding

Sarah McClendon

William Glen Jardine

Robert Hulet Gardiner

Robert Dean Udy

Roberta Allphin

Arthur A Condit

Gregory Wallace Neddo

Thearen Lang Dixon

Leona Hepworth

Robert Rasmussen

Jane Lavinna Ann Parke Hitt

Hilda June Rebham

Lila Condit Meuleman

Kenneth Russell Hitt

Swen Howard Jacobs

Emma Bainbridge Obray Smith

Baby Smith

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Mack Abercrombie

Cecilia Hutchison Parke

Martha Lee Peavler

Lorenzo Mitchell Tracy

John Obray Smith

Fredrick Merlin Nye

Nellie Cardon Neddo

Russell Vaun Hitt

Anna Esula Gile Robertson

Alonzo Hall

Vander Martell Tracy

JE Allphin

Ada Marie Allphin

Jane Bosomworth Thompson

Samuel Napoleon Smith

Mathias Cowley Udy Jr

Thel Raymond Chapman

Luella Bradley Smith

Richard N Paskett

Albert C Hunt

Isaac James Neddo Jr

Ether Parke

Orlando Madere Fonnesbeck

Gladys Ellen Nelson Beyler

Martha Jane Lloyd Hutchison

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Violet Galliher

John Alfred Elison

William Kay Hill

Francis Steven Gunnell

Steffany Gunnell

Laura Gunnel Smith

Bryan Lynn Elison

Myrle Henrietta Janson Elison

John Ernest Thompson

Jackie Denise Neddo

Helen Kay Ward

Donald William Allphin

David Hutchison

Perry Lorin Barrett

Dallen Jay Neddo

Cecil Miles Peterson

Hannah Rosanna Loveland Nye

Charlotte Morris Hall

John Louis Sanders

Foy R Galliher

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Ernest Lee Barrett

Gladys Leona Smith Neddo

Terrence Lynn Shaw

Nina Lorraine Barrett Tracy

John W Hepworth

Fredrick Gardiner

Leonard Parley Hall

Lorin Edward Barrett

Shirley Richard Barrett

Melvin Jay Neddo

Ethel Lorene Hall Cottle

Fern Lloyd Hitt

Mennie Miller Corsi

Thomas Robert Hutchison

Marie Coursi Allphin

Mark Junior Durfee

William Marshall Barrett

Lucy Hepworth Cooper

Sarah Margaret Hitt Jacobs

Maurine Coursi Rogers

Elizabeth Christena Hansen Barlow

Samuel A Allphin

Robert James Hutchison

Catherine Ward

Herbert Raymond Stephens

Shirley H Barlow

James Russell Hitt

David Earl Fowles

Anthon H Ransom

Harry Eldon Lambert

Brian Warr

Teddy Merland Hodges Jr

Pearl O Smith Powers Hutchison

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Garrett Hutchison

Lois Irene Parke Pierce

James Walton Hutchison

Earl M Udy

Albert Joseph Cottle

Robert Nish (Bert) Hutchison

Thera Elison Harper

Victor S Scott

Robert Monroe Kelsey

John Charles Hitt

Margie Udy Smith

William M Pierce

Flossie Ellen Parish Smith

Jessie Hadfield Paskett

Sylvester (Ves) Hutchison

Tabatha Marie Tracy

Michael Denton Beyler

Michael William O’Brien

Teresa Teeter

Donald Roy Allphin

Richard Dean Hutchison

Michael Edward Hutchison

Germaine Hanchir

Jesse M Pierce

David Wheeler Hutchison

Marion Charles Carnahan

Mary Emily Adams Elison

Alice Osterhout Neddo

Lester L Hutchison

Nelda June Ward Hutchison

Edward John Holtman Jr

Patrick Joseph Barrett

JoAnn Smith Hill

Coby Thornton

Cory Thornton

Nathan Paul Angus

Julia Agnes Neddo

Nina Rosina Litson Barrett

Clifford B Smith

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Joshua James Bodily

Vernic Rose Osterhout Smith

Thomas Bradley Smith

Myrtle Winchester Hutchison

Grant B Hitt

Harvey J Wight

Martha Jane Hutchison Hitt

Elmer Constantin Martin

Rhoda E Behunin Stephens

Melva Mae Allphin

Marlin Henderson Booth

Gladys R Gierisch Hill

Leola Pearl Putnam Carnahan

Edwin Hadfield Paskett

Shea Lynn Hutchison

Walter Rulon Hill

Arthur Francis Welch

David Leonard Jensen

Leo William Beyler

Robert Leroy Elison

Mary Lessey Udy

Eunice Parke Neddo

Rex Udy

Edward Udell (Tony) Hutchison

Ada Allphin Ransom

Barbara Ella Loughmiller Smith

David Tell Taylor

Lorenzo David Tracy

Jennifer Lynn Whitaker

Sarah Mae Darrington Wight

Laura Grace Stevenson

Ivy Hadfield Paskett Jardine

LaVaughn Jones Booth

Ira Kimball Hall Sr

Todd Allen White

Dorsle Jolley (Gus) Olson

Mary Elizabeth (Beth) Teeter

David O Hutchison

Nola W Brinkman

Baby Bodily

George Willard Neddo

Celia Faye Dance Hill

Estell Ransom Hutchison

Albert P (Jake) Smith

Donald D Brinkman

Hope Hulet Gardiner

Woodrow Wilson Justice

Marianna Moultrie Asher

Samuel Holbrook Shaw

William O Allphin

Barbara Alice Perrett Udy

Marian Wannetta Nye Taylor

Harold D Wight

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Anna Margaret Hutchison

Charles H Warr

Sadie R Scott

Rawlins J Harper

Alice Abigail Ottley Hall

Kolten Kurt Harris

Orville Udy

J Deward Hall

Vernice Rose Galliher

Randall Mark Gagon

Frances Della Hitt Roberts

Clarence (Swede) Corsi

Kendra Paige Berrier

Inez Pearl Smith Barlow

Joseph Carl Smith

Velda Hutchison Barrett

Eugene Carlton Miller

William (Bill) Wendal Hitt

Lawrence Badger Jardine

Jacob Blaine Wight

Sarah Rochelle Thompson Holtman

MacKenzy Jared Hutchison

Isaac James (Darby) Neddo

Frank (IcKey) Ostberg

Chloe Bell Warr

Sidney Buehler Fridal

Edna Mae Barrett Hartshorn

Joseph Smith Barlow

William Gene Baxter

Francis Poppleton Gunnell

Jesse LaVere Tracy

Janica Tai Crawford

Wilmer C (Dude) Parke

Leonard E Hall

David O Fonnesbeck

Vance Thomas Smith

Louise Martin Elison

Tyler G Henrie

Rowena Jane Hutchison

Rozann Janak Powers

Viola June Engelking Wight

Ona Nye Gunnell

Martha Jameson Hitt

Lucile Welch

Dennis Dale Pierce

Robert Merle Jones

Steven Taylor Leifeste

Allen Sexton

Keith Neddo

Francis Ernest Ham

Wanda L Hutchison

Kenneth Albert McFarland

Wayne Ottley Whitaker

Lois Peterson Whitaker

Angela Booth Camacho

Estella Pauline Neddo Hall

Harold Eckle Hutchison

Edwin Charles Schlender

Annabelle Elison Martin

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Wallace Orval Briggs

Thomas Gay Teeter

Berniece Shaw Bailey

Clarence Ernest Barrett

Norma Garbanati Parke

Ellen Caroline Livingston

Thomas Oliver Livingston

Velda Irene Udy

Sarah Gardiner

Ether Jay Parke

Milton LeRoy Neddo

Douglas Byron Dare

Rex Woodrow Ward

Duane Ransom

Winston Jared (Boots) Hutchison

Collin M Booth

Harold Aaron Jones

Edward Kent Holtman

Reta Oman Holtman

Stelan Ryan Branch

Mary Alice Dalton Ruesch

Vicki Diane Udy

Okla Elison Garrett

Gerald Brenchley Bankhead

Bernice P Gunnell Zobell

J D Hutchison

Glen Robert Parke

Royce Booth

Lois Pauline Zollinger Elison

Arthur Don Whitaker

Lucille Kempton Barrett

MarJean Johnson Briggs

Edna Martina Miller

Dorothy Estell Barrett Cole

Douglas R Harper

Eugene (Gene) Ward

Rachel Ann Bankhead

Ellis John Powers

Pearl Adeline Zollinger Hall

Nellie Williams

Ronald Lee Morris

Eliza Cordelia Nye Shaw

Thomas Roy Emer Teeter

Lula Gay Hutchison

Lano Adams Elison

Fern Durfee Jensen

John Buckway

Jeb Spencer Israelsen

Bert E Goodman

Clair Taylor Robinson

John (Jack) Parish Smith

Mary Olive Ward Smith

Samuel N Smith

JaNeal Jardine Hutchison

Penny Marie Fowler

Beverly LuDean Udy Smith

Mary Ann Tuckett

Glenn Neff McGhie

Lloyd Eugene Schorzman

Selma Shaw Morrell

Bert Nish Hutchison

Jasmine Mae Hoffman-Smith

Cathy Gardiner Goff

Duane (Hutch) Hutchison

Jerri Hutchison

Eva (Evi) Montoya Magana

Preston L McNeely

Joseph Dale Smith

Viola Valene Beebe Hodges

Leonard Wilkinson Morris

Clifford Odell (Tinker) Hutchison

Alice Naomi Neddo Paskett

Shirley (Shirl) Brown Hitt

K Denise Mayes Rayburn

Elmo (Doc) Elison

Fontella Harper Tracy

Bobby Lee White

Lt Col Sidney Monta Jacobs

Dorothy Evelyn Pellin Jacobs

Jay R Thornton

Edwin Bruce Gagon

Thomas Lloyd Neddo

Grant Nelson Beyler

Blaine Thomas Harper

Jana Bell Thornton

Melvin Albert (Skeet) Warr

Majorie Clair Fonnesbeck Moncur

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Patrick B Stevenson

Margaret (Maggie) Witts Olson

Bertha (Bert) Lee Gullett Collins

Charles Pierce

Annie Fernand Francois Lucienne Alphonsine Hanchir Nye

LaRene Kay Wight Whitaker

Dolly Ellen Justice

Margaret Alice Parke Ward

Osmer W (Bob) Smith

Margaret Ann Howard Hoopes

Charles Alvin (Lindy) Neddo

Marian Frost Harper

Marvin Bryan Garrett

Brent Gneiting Goff

Faith Wheatley

Kendall (Kenny) L Tracy

Beth Harper Gagon

Gary Earl Fowles

Joseph William Barrett

Lloyd (Schooney) Rasmussen

Mandy Lee Slagel Beecher

Afton Don Nye

Jean Ludwig Pierce

Barbara Ehlers Gardiner

Larry LuWain Thompson

Bryce Kay Tracy

Jeremy David Hutchison

Maycie Laine Schwartz

Sarah Wolsey Harper

Baby Schwartz

Dale Oscar Pierce

Charles Robert Ward

Mary Gardiner

NayDean Bronson McNeely

Kent Woodland

Marcia Ann Livingston Hall

Mary Luana Meacham Barrett

Maxine Jones Powers

Josephine Randazzo Neddo

Alan Kay Warr

Beulha Kidd Smith

Teddy Merland Hodges Sr

Orson James Zollinger

Maxine Ardellia Bass Tracy

Rex Scholes Zobell

Delores (Dee) M Parke

Renee Eames Smyer Holtman

Merlin Georald Hill

Rodger Cardon Neddo Sr

Cory Neil Peterson

Olene K Warr



Alphabetical by First Name

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Allen Sexton

Bobby Lee White

Bryce Kay Tracy

Cecil Miles Peterson

Charles Henry Pierce

Charles Robert Ward

Clifford B Smith

Clifford Odell (Tinker) Hutchison

Collin Booth

Dale Oscar Pierce

David Fonnesbeck

David O Hutchison

Donald Brinkman

Dorothy Jacobs

Dorsle (Gus) Jolley Olsen

Douglas Dare

Duane (Hutch) Hutchison

Edward Holtman

Edward Kent Holtman

Elmer Constantin Martin

Eugene Carlton Miller

Francis Earnest Ham

Francis P Gunnell

Frank S Ostberg

Gerald Bankhead

Grant B Hitt

Grant Nelson Beyler

Harold Hutchison

Harold Jones

Harold Wight

J LaVere Tracy

JD Hutchison

John Buckway

Joseph Carl Smith

Keith Neddo

Kenneth McFarland

Larry LuWain Thompson

Lester (Bill) Hutchison

Margaret Hutchison

Marion Carnahan

Melvin Albert (Skeet) Warr

Okla Garrett

Orson Zollinger

Richard Dean Hutchison

Robert James Hutchison

Robert Nish (Bert) Hutchison

Rodger Cardon Neddo

Samuel A Allphin

Samuel N Smith

Swen Howard Jacobs

Sidney Jacobs

Sylvester Hutchison

Teddy Merland Hodges Jr – KIA

Teddy Merland Hodges Sr

Thomas Bradley Smith

Thomas Rawlings Smith

Wallace Orval Briggs

William Gene Baxter

William Monroe Pierce

Winston Hutchison