Our heart beats Blue and Gold for our little school.  We might be few but we are proud of all of the many trophies and medals our classmates have brought home over the years.

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Valley Vu Cemetery

When I compiled a history of the residents at this Malta Cemetery back in 2005 there were just over 350 of our loved ones buried there.  More have moved in through the years.  Click below to view the stories behind all of them.

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We are nothing without our past.  So many cherished memories are being lost every day unless we write them down.  We’re here to share our favorites.

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Local Church

Malta wouldn’t be Malta without the support of our silly ole Mormons.  We may not have been founded by pioneers, but the LDS families sure as heck made their mark.

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I only have a piece of the history.  We would all be so grateful for you to share any histories, memories, photos, videos…ANYTHING that you have about Malta and its past.

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