Current Projects

Raft River Principals

We’re putting together a page about the Principals of the schools here in Malta.  Here’s a shabby list of what we’ve come up with.  Please help us fill in the blanks and come up with pictures.


RRHS Principals

Eric Boden •  2008-current
Patrick Manning • 2006-2008
Mary Alice Telford

Patricia Lundquist
Tracy Thompson
Rodney Hall
Mr. Crump
Ephraim S. Miller

Elementary Principals

Tina Loock (current)
Jerrod Dastrup
Eric Boden
Jeff Birch
Glendon Jones
Marion Taylor
Floyd Bell

Malta Mayors

Tracy Bankhead (current)

Tina Loock

Randy Briggs

Bud Tracy

Brent Udy

Wallace Briggs

Earl Udy


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