Fern Lydia Jensen

Born: 17 Feb 1922

Died: 2 Aug 1927

At the age of: 6

Plot Number: H2

Parents: Oscar D. Jensen, Lydia Jensen

Additional Information: Sister of Mrs. Eugene Miller and Laurence D. Jensen



Dress of 6 year old Fern Jensen is ignited from campfire.

Severe burns received while playing Monday at 8 a.m. about a bonfire near their home at Malta resulted fatally for Fern Lydia Jensen, the 6 year old daughter of Oscar D. Jensen. Death came Tuesday evening at 5 o’clock to relieve her intense suffering according to reports received of the accident. The child and other children had been left alone about the campfire while the parents were away and in some manner the dress caught fire. There were no adults present, the girl was left without aid of any kind until her body, in some places, burned severely. Being unable to locate the local Doctor at Malta, the parents summoned Dr. Cutler of Burley. He found that the child was burned so badly that she could not recover. Everything possible, however, was done to relieve her suffering until the end came Tues. Evening.

Surviving the little one are her grief-stricken parents and several brothers and sisters. Funeral services were held Wed. At 2 p.m. from the Malta Ward L.D.S. Church with Bishop Orson Sanders officiating. Interment was in the Malta Cemetery.


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