Isla Rochelle Simonson

Born: 7 May 2019 Died: 7 May 2019 At the age of: Infant Parents: Dennis John & Wynter Holtman Simonson Obituary: Funeral Program: Additional Information:

Nora Abercrombie

Born: Died: At the age of: child Parents: Margaret T Abercrombie

Maycie Laine Schwartz

Born: Died: 14 Dec 2012 At the age of: Plot Number: Parents: Jacob and Katie Schwartz

Jeb Spencer Israelsen

Born: Died: 20 Dec 2004 At the age of: Infant Plot Number: Parents: Evan & Jennifer Israelsen

Stelan Ryan Branch

Born: 24 Jan 2002 Died: 26 Jan 2002 At the age of: Infant Plot Number: F6 Parents: Nick Branch, Alicia Hall Branch Grandparents: Marvin & Ann Hall Obituary: Funeral Program: 

Steven Taylor Leifeste

Born: 10 Jan 1998 Died: 10 Jan 1998 At the age of: Infant Plot Number: B1 Parents: Kori Leifeste, Vedamae Bodily Leifeste Obituary: Funeral Program:

Tyler G Henrie

Born: 24 Mar 1982 Died: 16 May 1997 At the age of: 15 Plot Number: A4 Parents: Gordon Dale Henrie, Darlene N Mylroie Henrie Obituary: Funeral Program:   

Janica Tai Crawford

Born: 15 Apr 1982 Died: 29 Apr 1996 At the age of: 14 Plot Number: F6 Parents: Craig L Crawford, LaNae Cottle Crawford Grandparents: Jay Cottle & Julene Cottle Obituary:…

MacKenzy Jared Hutchison

Born: 20 Jan 1995 Died: 17 Mar 1995 At the age of: 8 weeks Plot Number: C3  Parents: Kerry Hutchison, Tawnia Berg Hutchison Obituary:

Kendra Paige Berrier

Born: 18 Sep 1993 Died: 18 Sep 1993 At the age of: Infant Plot Number: G4 Parents: Robert Berrier, Amy Knudsen Berrier Grandparents: Scott & Pat Knudsen