Samuel Napoleon Smith

Born: 31 Oct 1887

Died: 26 Sep 1945

At the age of: 57

Plot Number: I4

Spouse: Vernice Osterhout Smith


Parents: Thomas Rawling Smith, Emma Obray Smith



A large crowd attended the funeral of S. N. (Nap) Smith, who passed away at the LDS hospital in Salt Lake City and was buried at the Malta, Saturday, September 29. Out-of-town people present included: Mr. and Mrs. William Wolverton of American Falls; Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Wolverton and Mrs. Phyllis Thompson of American Falls; Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Bybee of Farmington, Utah; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rebham and Mrs. Lilly Osterhout of Declo; Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Smith of Lorenzo; Mr. and Mrs. Jesse McBride and family of Burley; Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Bailey of Albion; Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Powers and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Smith of Twin Falls; Mrs. Ester John, Mrs. Floyd John and Mrs. Frank Galliher of Portage, Utah; and the following members of the family: Rose (Mrs. Foy Galliher) and children and Bob Smith, all of Bliss; Nellie Dredge and babe of Grace, and Beth, Joan and Helen of Malta.

The funeral was well attended, and the lovely flower display showed the respect the community had for Mr. Smith.


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