Luella Bradley Smith

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Born: 1884

Died: 1946

At the age of: 62

Plot Number: E3

Spouse: Joseph Obray Smith





Funeral Services were held Friday, Mar 22 for Luella B. Smith in the LDS Church at 2 p.m. with Bishop S.H. Barlow officiating.

The organ prelude and postlude were played by Carolyn Thompson. Invocation by Jack Smith. The Malta Ward Choir, under the direction of J. Henry Thompson, sang “O My Father”. Obituary was given by Dale Smith. A trio composed of Ramona Shaw, Bernice Gunnel, and Carolyn Thompson sang “Through Deepening Trials” acc. By Barbara Udy. Bishop S.H. Barlow was a speaker. “The End of a Perfect Day was sung by Barbara Udy, acc. By Carolyn Thompson. J. Merrill was a speaker. A solo “The Pray Perfect” was sung by Clifford Tolman, acc. By Mrs. J. Merrill. Next Speaker was O.S. Sanders and dedication by I.J. Neddo.

Pallbearers included: 2 grandsons, LeVar and LeLand Smith. 4 nephews, Dale Smith, S.N. Smith, Donald Shaw and Odel Hutchison. Flower Girls were Bernice Bailey, Phyllis Saw, Eva McBride, BeBe Cahoon, Rose Galliher, JoAnn Smith, Beth Gunnel, Ressa Hutchison, Bessie Powers, Fay Obray, Luru Glubransen, Gladys Neddo, Audrey Smith, Helen Smith, June Bailey, and Inez Barlow.

Interment is in the Malta Cemetery by the side of her husband.

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