Malta Ward

The Malta Ward was organized 13 Nov 1910 with Thomas Taylor Jr. as Bishop.

First Church House
First Church House


Bishop: Thomas E Taylor, Junior
1st Counselor: Jesse L Hubbard
2nd Counselor: Robert Hutchinson
Ward Clerk: Alfred C Hubbard/Isaac J Neddo, Junior


Bishop: Thomas E Taylor, Junior
1st Counselor: Robert Hutchinson
2nd Counselor: Isaac J Neddo, Junior
Ward Clerk: Isaac J Neddo, Junior

Raft River Stake Organized 1915 – Almo Headquarters

The Raft River Stake was organized 27 Apr 1915 with John A Elison as president.  He was called to move to Almo, Idaho, with his family to preside over the new stake.  The year 1919 made another change for the stake, as it was decided to have stake headquarters in Malta.  All the stake officers were called to move to Malta, in order to be where the stake meetings were held.  – Book of Remembrance


Bishop: Aaron Zollinger
1st Counselor: Joseph Rasmussen
2nd Counselor: Isaac James Neddo, Junior
Ward Clerk: Joseph Rasmussen


Bishop: Isaac James Neddo Jr.
1st Counselor: John O Smith
2nd Counselor: Leonard P Hall (1918-1928)
Ward Clerk: Richard G Harper (1920-1925)

1919 Raft River Stake Headquarters moved to Malta

Second Church House
Second Church House – Built sometime between 1919-1921


Bishop: Orson Sanders
1st Counselor: John O Smith
2nd Counselor: Ira K Hall (1928-1930)
Ward Clerk: Harry A Shaw, Junior


Bishop: John O Smith (died of leg amputation)
1st Counselor: Rawlins J Harper
2nd Counselor: Lorin R Horne
Ward Clerk: Fredrick Gardiner


Bishop: Rawlins J Harper
1st Counselor: Lorin R Horne (1941), ES Miller (1943)
2nd Counselor: Orville Udy
Ward Clerk: Kenneth Hastings

New Church Building

Dedicated 8 Aug 1943
3rd Church Building

President J Reuben Clark and Bishop Worthlin were here in Malta to dedicate the Stake and Ward House 8 Aug 1943.


Bishop: Shirley H Barlow
1st Counselor: Lano Elison
2nd Counselor: Wesley Brunson
Ward Clerk: Afton Nye


Bishop: J Henry Thompson
1st Counselor: George W Neddo
2nd Counselor: Harvey J Wight
Ward Clerk: David Tell Taylor


Bishop: J Henry Thompson
1st Counselor: Harvey J Wight
2nd Counselor: Charles H Warr
Ward Clerk: David Tell Taylor / Wallace O Briggs


Bishop: Harvey J Wight
1st Counselor: Charles H WarrWallace O Briggs
2nd Counselor: Delwin J Harper
Ward Clerk: Reid Tew Allred


Bishop: Wallace O Briggs
1st Counselor: Golden Gardiner
2nd Counselor: Buddy Ward
Ward Clerk: ?

1971-1977  1977-1978

Bishop: Delwin J Harper
1st Counselor: Jay Cottle
2nd Counselor: Cleve G Smith/Earl Brent Udy
Ward Clerk: Kenneth Crump/Rodney Hall

Current Church Building

Malta LDS Dedication attracts a large crowd

The Malta Ward was split in two on 17 Apr 1977

Malta 1st Ward

Malta 2nd Ward

The Malta Ward was combined again on 30 Apr 2017


Bishop: Dallan Spencer
1st Counselor: Luke Smith
2nd Counselor: Alan Branch
Ward Clerk: Jerry Bankhead


Bishop: Lane Schuman
1st Counselor: Zeb Bingham
2nd Counselor: Tracy Bankhead
Ward Clerk: Tyler Gilbert