Pull out your scrapbooks, put on your thinking caps and help us put interesting stuff on this website. You’ll have the option to submit your pieces anonymously if you wish. But if it’s alright, we’d love to add your name beneath anything that you contribute so that others may know who to contact for the originals.


We’d love to see any and all the photos you’ve got. We do have some suggestions though…
• Largest file you have
• Names of all people in photo
• All information you have about the photo


We prefer scans, but we’ll take whatever we can get. Send us your newspaper articles, funeral programs, obituaries etc.
• Send us your largest file
• Please type up (in a separate document) any text that appears in the clipping so that we can just copy/paste

Written Pieces

Have an interesting journal entry from your grandpa? Want to do a write up about the big game last Friday? Others want to read it, so submit it now!
• Please proofread and submit your final drafts in an editable format such as Word or TextEdit
• Try to find at least 1 photo to go along with your piece
• Fact check and include any sources if applicable


We need your help indexing all the scans and documents that we’ve compiled.  As of right now the text that is not indexed cannot be searched for.  If you’d help us out by typing up any of these articles and send them to us, we’d be so appreciative.

Eagle Project Ideas

There is a ton to be done in way of history around the valley and surrounding towns.  I have lots of great projects and ideas if anyone is looking for an awesome project to do.  I can walk you through my challenges and mistakes and give you an idea of about how many hours might be involved.  Some of my ideas are:

• Resident histories from surrounding cemeteries such as: Juniper, Sublett, Elba, Albion, Almo, Raft River, and Stanrod.
• Collecting, scanning and indexing yearbooks.
• Collecting, scanning and indexing newspaper articles
• Rounding up and indexing Malta histories.
• Hunting down any remaining copies of The Inland Empire.  This was a newspaper printed in Malta right around the turn of the century.
• Mapping out Malta through the years; which businesses and important places were where during the different decades.
• Interviewing Malta’s old timers and writing up historical pieces.


We'd love anything you got

Help Us Identify

We've got a couple projects in the works and need your help putting the pieces together.