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Cameron BriggsCameron Briggs

My family has been around these parts for years and somehow I’ve always been the one in the fam to have a huge appreciation for this little valley.  For my eagle project I compiled a history of the residents of Valley Vu Cemetery and helped with the mapping of it.  I am an SEO by day and a crazy (busy) man by night.  I consider myself a conquerer of RRHS, CSI, BYUI and the México Torreón Mission and somehow ended up longing for Malta…crazy, right? And for those of you still thinking, “Who the heck is this?” You might be more likley to remember me as this little stud:

The Little Trojan

“The Little Trojan” Circa 1992

Anyways, I thought I’d spend some time and compile the wealth of information that I have about our lil’ old Malta into an accessible website for ya’ll to peruse at your leisure. You’re feedback and memories are gladly accepted.

Significant Contributors

Leonard Hall

Darlene Briggs

Clara Beyler

Naomi Paskett

Lindy Neddo

Clarence Barrett

Viola Wight

Genevieve Udy

Betty Ann Higley

David Gilliam


More Memories Wanted

I’m always looking for new faces to help develop content pieces and stories for this site. If you become a regular contributor, I’d love to post a short bio about you on this page. Please submit any stories, images, videos…anything you have here.